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The world worries about disability more than the disabled people do

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Mook Badhir Mandal has created a platform for fostering excellence in all spheres of life of a Deaf individual. Learning, sharing and empowerment for each individual has been the motto of this organization.

It has transformed lives of many by facilitating employment and career advancement, conducting counseling sessions, vocational training and opened the doors to the outside world. It has been a constant endeavor of Mook Badhir Mandal to integrate these extremely talented individuals with the mainstream society.

This Organization is fully managed by the team of highly experienced and motivated deaf individuals.

The Mission

What we believe determines how we live.

MBM is built on four pillars; boosting education in Indian Sign Language (ISL), promoting sports, inculcating cultural and social spirit.


MBM recognizes and appreciates diversity in social arena.


MBM believes in sharing resources, ideas and support with others.

Mutual Respect

MBM respects rights of each individual irrespective of socio-cultural and economic background.


MBM supports the principle that all have an equal right to access to opportunities for education, sports, jobs irrespective of their social standing.


MBM promotes self-confidence and self-reliance among the Deaf community.

Global World

MBM endeavors to make each individual a global citizen by collaborating with other global organizations working for the cause of the differently-abled persons.


  • To promote the rights and quality of life of Deaf individuals.
  • To foster a united front of impaired individuals across all boarders.
  • To promote equal rights and empower each individual at all levels and in all fields such as Education, sports cultural events etc.
  • To encourage the interaction of Deaf persons through meetings, at both national and regional levels, sports meetings and political rallies.
  • To create public awareness and educating others through documentary films on the current issues and problems concerning the Deaf.
  • To ensure the empowerment so that they are economically self-sufficient, Educationally sound, and have their rightful place in society.
  • To promote Public Awareness regarding the importance of Indian Sign Language in Communication.

Growth Plans

  • Techniques of Film making
  • Role of mediator for Employment through job placements in best corporate houses
  • Training for the empowerment of women and youth to be self sufficient and self reliant at all times
  • Writer and translator (Gujarati and English)
  • Interpreter services
  • Conducting Educational Tours to widen their horizons
  • Getting the students acquainted with Gujarati language
  • Indian Sign Language course to be taught to the parents for better communication
  • Food and Nutrition awareness for healthy living


  • Education Courses (English and Deaf Educational Technology)
  • State and local level workshops and conferences
  • Newsletter
  • Festivals
  • Sports
  • Inspiring Films
  • Scholarships for Deaf Students
  • Cooking Classes
  • Performing Arts : Dance, drama ,vocal music, instrumental music etc
  • Information and Computer Technology [ICT Education]

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