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Awareness / Planning

For the recognization of equal rights for the People With Disabilities in India, we perform peaceful rallies.

Parents/General public are unaware about problems faced by deaf child, efforts done by various organization to solve the problem about using sign language and cochlear implant surgery. We explain deaf youths/general about how to respect sign language. That’s why Deaf people who claim culturally “Deaf” identity compare themselves to members of other ethnic communities. “We have a language; we have a culture” but hearing people are unaware of Deaf identity. Pamphlets, brochures, booklets, etc are distributed to hearing people to make them aware about our first language, mother tongue and also the experiences of the Deaf graduates.

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Collabera CSR scheme


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Seminar on "Importance of Deaf Education"


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Seminar on "Deaf Identity" and "ISL"


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Benefits of BA Course


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Comparison between Deafhood of India and USA


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