Workshop by MBM
Deaf Rights

Awareness on the law Rights of Persons with Disabilities (RPWD)

There are several laws for disability act to make secure deaf people’s life such as license driving, Sign language act, accessories for the deaf act, but at times Govt. of India refuse to accept our demands. We have noticed a great deal of confusion surrounding the legal rights of the deaf. Both deaf and hearing individuals have difficulty understanding what facilities deaf people are entitled to, also workshops and conferences needs to be organized about the same. Some attentions have been focused on the rights of disabled persons so as to give them recognition as valuable and equal to members of society.

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Workshop On Legal Advocacy


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Historic Gathering At India Gate


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Workshop On Save Right Disabilities Bill

18-01-2014 to 19-01-2014

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Workshop on HRNL

25-11-2006 to 26-11-2006

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Akhil Gujarat Badhir Vikas Sangh

29-10-1993 to 30-10-1993

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