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We like to draw your kind attention to our non-profit Organisation “Mook Badhir Mandal” abbreviated as MBM, which was established in Vadodara-Gujarat, India and working towards the welfare and development among Deaf Community for the last 42 years. It is a privilege to share that the founder of MBM along with other members had been awarded by Central Govt as well as State Govt in the past.

Out of persons with disabilities living in India, 17 million deaf people suffered the communication barrier due to lack of hearing. With the gap in communication, the deaf persons are deprived of access to information (e.g. they are not able to understand the news, nor hear the radio broadcasts). In absence of sound, the deaf rely heavily on sight, as a result, they use sign language as natural tool of access to communication. However, this kind of accessibility is not available in India.

To find a feasible solution for this issue, Mr.Rajesh Ketkar and Mr.Virbhadrasinh Rathod attend the World Deaf Conference held at USA in 2010 where they learned the importance of Mass Media Communication and its uses for the development of Deaf Community. This inspired them to adopt some of the latest ideas and technics to bring Growth in Deaf Community of Gujarat & whole India.

With the urge to uplift the deaf community, MBM launched the video broadcasting programme of special events on its new website so that Deaf and hard of hearing people around the world can learn & be part of these activities.

Inaugurated by Maharaja Lt.Ranjit Singh Gaekwad during World Deaf Day at Vadodara in 2013, the main purpose of this website is to create nationwide awareness, latest news updates and e-base knowledge, all communicated in sign language via the web-video technology so that deaf and especially those who are very isolated from certain awareness of media and deaf communities are able to be educated on different topics of Signs, Health Care, Youth Training, Indian Sign Language (ISL) and Empowerment of Deaf Women; and be part of a global renaissance thanks to the growing accessible technology.

We sincerely welcome you to support the sustainability and continuity of our website which are of great benefit to a potentially larger audience of 70 million deaf people worldwide - providing more exposure than any of sign language in a specific country or region could offer. We will be proud to display your logo on our website.

I have enclosed the sponsor packages for your reference. Should you wish to discuss for clarification, we would be glad to meet you. Looking forward to your valuable support.

Yours Sincerely,
Mr.Rajesh Ketkar
General Secretary

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