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Deaf Youth Program 2011

Sunday 01 to Wednesday 30, November 2011

In 2011, Deaf Youth Group had given Lectures at Rajkot, Vadodara and Ahmedabad in the month of May, August and November respectively.

The aim was to strengthen Deaf Persons in the front of education, economy social and cultural fields, so that they equivalent to the normal people and will not suffer from Inferiority Complex.

Mr. Imran Shaikh states a Deaf person do not differ from normal person. Their Defect is never been visualized by superficial observation hence they do not receive adequate help or guidance by normal people. As a result they are being ignored knowingly and unknowingly. Thus, our objective is to make theme strong Physically, Mentally, Socially and culturally.

Priya Panchal States that some Deaf Sisters are being ignored at some places hence they burry their feeling their choice and live their Lives. Normal Sisters should bring them from frustration and encourage to live their life with self-respect and confidence.

Vibhuti Ketkar States that “My Childhood was full of Difficulties, at teenager period I took Interest in Education an observed a lot of Changes in my life”. From my personal experience I suggest all deaf person to improve their lives and match with normal people.

Deaf Youth Program 2011
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